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A message from AFOC

Are you aware that cancer can occur in the oral cavity? According to a recent announcement by World Health Organization (WHO), oral cancer is the seventh deadliest among all cancers. Surprisingly, incidence rates are markedly concentrated in Southeast Asian developing countries, accounting for 80% of all reported cases. The reason for this high incidence is thought to be related to betel and smokeless tobacco chewing habits, which is a widespread custom in this part of the globe. However, regardless of presence of large number of patients suffering from oral cancer, only few medical specialists are available for cancer treatment. Furthermore, although local medical and dental surgeons are keen and excellent, there doesn't seem to have satisfactory surgical techniques or facilities that are available in the developed countries.
Kanichi Seto

Chairman, AFOC
Member, The Science Council of Japan
Dean, Tsurumi Univ. Dental Dep.
President, Japanese Society of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons

With this background and the objective of relieving the patients suffering from oral cancer, we have established an organization called AFOC in 1993. Since then, we were able to carry out a wide range of activities with the aim of improving health care standards of oral cancer in these countries. Some of these included conducting epidemiological research, promoting preventive measures and introduction of our advanced surgical techniques for treatment of oral cancer. Over the years, Japan has done much to export materials and know-how to South Asian countries. However, only little has been done for the prevention and treatment of oral cancer. Therefore, it is high time to turn our attention to this serious situation and aid our Asian neighbors. In order to accomplish this, we need your warm hearted help and contribution. With your cooperation and assistance, I am sure AFOC can achieve its objectives in helping our Asian neighbors in their fight against oral cancer.

AFOC Asian Fight against Oral Cancer
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