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Since its establishment in 1992, AFOC has been engaged in a wide range of activities which included not only support for hospital construction and technical guidance but also exchange and corporation among medical and dental associations & cultural exchanges.

Among these activities, measures against prevention of oral cancer took a prominent place.
Here we would like to introduce some of the activities undertaken and performed by AFOC.


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*A public lecture & musical evening was conducted with the theme "Are you aware of Oral cancer", in connection with the 37th annual general meeting of association of oral surgery.
*At Yokohama cultural hall, a conference on "Oral cancer is prevalent in South Asia" was held.
*Oral examination clinic was conducted for the 4th time in Ratnapura, Sri Lanka:
*A seminar on Oral cancer & maxillofacial surgery was also held.
*In Kamakura fine arts hall, a musical chamber evening and a talk on the oral cancer was held.
*Dispatched a group of inspectors in connection with the improvement of faculty of dental sciences, university of Peradeniya.
* A lecture was conducted at Ragas dental college, Madras, India.(Chenmai)
* Prof. BRRN Mendis, Head, Dept. of Oral Pathology, Faculty of Dentistry, University of Peradeniya visited Japan on invitation by AFOC.
ペラデニア大学 1998
*AFOC becomes an international organization with the establishment of branches in Tamilnadu and Sri Lanka
*Completion of construction of dental faculty and hospital of national university of Peradeniya in Sri Lanka. Dispatched three lectures from Tsurumi University including associate professor Sato, under JICA exchange of experts.
*AFOC invited Dr J.U. Weerasinghe from University of Peradeniya to undergo training in Tsurumi University.
*A course in implant dentistry was conducted for the first time in Sri Lanka, at the Faculty of Dental Sciences, University of Peradeniya.
*Medical specialists were invited from regions where oral cancer is prevalent and made plans to implement training for doctors with the advanced technology practiced in Japan.
*A team of 6 dental personnel from the Department of Operative Dentistry, Tsurumi University, under the leadership of Professor Kono were dispatched to Cambodia in a mission that involved situation exploration, Oral examination and simple dental treatment.
*AFOC invited Dr Koh Sodo, from the medical hospital, university of Enhen of China to undergo training in Tsurumi University.
*Conducted "summer seminar" at Yokohama public hall
*AFOC held a musical evening for the public, in connection with the summer seminar organised by the 1st department of Oral & Maxillofacial surgery of Tsurumi university.
Prof. Kanichi Seto on behalf of AFOC & JSOMS, signed a contract with the Faculty of Dental Sciences, University of Peradeniya to initiate a training program in oral surgery in Sri Lanka. This program will be conducted annually in Peradeniya and trainee oral surgeons from world over are eligible to apply.

*Sept / October
Prof. Masaaki Goto, chairman of international relations of JSOMS, visited Peradeniya to make necessary arrangements of the training program. Prof. Katsuki, chief trainer from the Japanese side, conducted the training course on management of cleft palate surgery, from September 6th to October 1st 2004 at Peradeniya University, where a total of 5 trainees participated including 2 doctors from Japan.

Prof. Seto led a team of AFOC officials to China and established relationships for clnical cooperation with the Hokka university hospital of Northern China. AFOC independently supports the activities of this hospital and we are pleased to announce that this hospital became the 1st attached hospital of Tsurumi University Dental hospital, to be established in Asia.

Summer Seminar

AFOC joined hands with JSOMS,Tsurumi and Saga Universities to hold the second training programme in Faculty of Dental Sciences, Universitiy of Peradeniya which was renamed as "Collaborative International Training Programme in Oral & Maxillofaicial Surgery".

Dr. AM Attygalla from Peradeniya University Participated in a training programme at Saga and Tsurumi Universities with the invitation of AFOC.

AFOC Asian Fight against Oral Cancer
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